How Do You Feel?

Tell me:
how do you feel?
When you see this world in such a mess
Full of anger, full of stress,
Full of war,
But what's it for?
People wanting more and more.

Tell me:
How do you feel?
When people die
And you don't know why
When children beg along the street
With no shoes upon their feet
Ignored by everyone they meet.

Tell me:
How do you feel?
How nothing's fair, there's no justice,
Can not ignore, can not miss,
Can not start to walk on by,
And give out one tremendous sigh

Tell me:
How do you feel?
When you see people in pain
The crippled and the lame
Struggling here and there
It's So unfair

Tell me:
How would you feel?
If you could make things right
And turn the dark into the light
Make the blind regain their sight
What would you do?
What is the case?
To make this world a better place?

Written by Jemimah Smith on 06/04/19

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Light, pain, dark, people, children, war, anger

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