Rising from the ashes.

They kicked us down
And left us battered
The city is bombed
Windows shattered.
The plane's they came
And buildings falling.
People are lost
The injured are crawling.
This is the price of fighting in war
Raiding homes
Then knocking on doors
Living in fear danger is near
Feeling of pain can't take anymore.
Now all of a sudden the siren sound
New pasture ahead no war to be found
Things they seem are taking a turning
No raiding homes and knocking doors.
Good news now is what we are learning
We look in front things look certain
There is a hope with heartfelt yearning.
Never thought this day would be
And Victory would head our way
Let's look to the future with hope full plea
And hope this peace is here to stay
Let's watch and see this war as it passes
Then we'll start rising from the ashes.

Written by Christopher Russon on 14/04/19

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