Rising from the ashes.

They Bombed our towns
And left us battered
Our city destroyed
Our windows shattered.
The planes they came
Buildings start falling
People are lost
The injured are crawling.
Seems this is the price
For fighting in war
Blowing up homes
Like never before

Now all of a Sudden
A peaceful sound
A dove from above
No war to be found
This deadly time has taken a turn
New found hope on solid ground..
Now we look to the future
With a hopeful glee
And wish for this peace too stay
Let us watch and we will see
Tomorrow is another day.
As this war ends and passes
And again we will be free
To rise again from the ashes.
And better days will be.

Written by Christopher Russon on 15/04/19

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lost, people, fear, Peace, war, city

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