Saving Mother earth.

Our planet begs for mercy
There is a fear of it going boom
The end of all humanity
Sorry for the Doom and gloom .

Let's not ignore the warnings
It is written in the stars
This planet it is crumbling
from pollution and our cars.

We have to stop and wonder
Doesn't have to be that way
No need for foolish blunders
Theres still time to save the day.

Don't wish to sound alarming
But the facts are clear to see
Humans keep on harming
With the increasing hostility .

They say that times are changing
In some ways its for the best
Then the balance it could be hanging
If we completely ignore the rest.

So never forget our mother earth
And the struggles she's going through
Lets notice her for all her worth
There are things that we can do..

Written by Christopher Russon on 27/05/19

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