As If For The First Time.

I met you for the first time, that kind familiar face,
I learnt that moments are rarely wasted with true friends in time and place.
We celebrated successes, anguished in time of doubt,
questioned existence, what’s it all about?

If our story were a book, chapters very few,
you always eased the aching seconds, as only you could do.
Maybe we are destined, like leaves floating down a stream,
to battle with life’s undercurrents, very seldom seen.

We know our futures death, was the past our birth?
With precious little time to reside on Mother Earth.
Maybe we’re just evolving simply meat covered bone,
each disappointment our hearts slowly turn to stone?

Did we become familiar with maybe some distain?
Destined, our paths crossed time and time again.
I would try not to judge you, return the coarse for fine,
I promise to meet you for the first time, whenever our lives align.

Written by Ray Sinclair on 02/06/19
© June 2019 Ray Sinclair

Author's Comments

We often treat those we love with contempt. We treat strangers with more respect at times. Familiarity leads to contempt. Our past does not need to define our futures, both for ourselves and our relationships. Meet those we have relationships with as if for the first time, discover their new way of thinking and being, it may just have changed since you first met them. NAMASTE :-)

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