A World Apart

After six reclusive years, hiding behind
A matted fur, I shaved my face today
And confronted the ravaging effects
Of time. My face was not my own, or
Rather, my face was not the own my
Eyes recalled...a stranger mocking me
Through glass and steel, dry flaky skin
For my new face to feel. It all begs a
Certain question. Who am I? Is he? It?
I am not the same in appearance as
I was before; I am not the same in my
Temperament as I was before; I am not
The same in memory as memories fade;
And my mind and senses war over some
Conflicting image of a childhood since spent,
Bearing little resemblance to the body, in parts,
Looking back at me, questioningly.
While we're at it, who are you?
We haven't spoken in quite some time
And I wonder
If you've left the past behind.
If a tree in the forest can make such sounds
As trees are wont to make, you are still real;
You change the world by being in it
And not just my world by being it.
I wish you well
With almost full sincerity,
Marred only by the indelible complexity
Of two worlds
A world apart.

Written by Mr Woods on 13/06/19
© 2019 Anthony Woods

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time, memories, change, war, memory, Childhood, Past

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