Strength of a nation

To be strong
in a nation of people who hide real retched emotion
people who want to be set free
into the ocean
but they dont understand the notion
they ant to live without contraints, complaints and expectations in this covert dictation of a fucked up nation

to be strong
in a nation where society is fake, wrong, taking its toll
making me think crying is weak
that being poor is bleak
because materialism and wealth equals stealth

To be strong
To hide your true self to accommodate others
Are there any real lovers?
I want to stay under my covers
I don't feel strong today
Should i say, Should i speak?
In a society this disconnected, this bleak?
Maybe someone will think im a freak.

Is it strong to be on your own
to deal with everything on your own
all alone
but thats the way i was built and made by society
try fix that one

Written by Caitlin James on 16/06/19
© caitlin james 2019

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