This summer's day.

Here we are on this summers day
Nothing much to do
The flowers they are on display
Yellow white and blue..

It's time to take things easy
Those working days are done
We get our pension weekly
Now we are soaking up the sun.

Yes we are getting older
But we are youthful in our minds
The winter's are getting colder
They were warmer in our times.

Our children they have fled the nest
They have gone there varies ways
Although we see them less and less
Sometimes they come and stay.

Now we're never in a hurry
We come and go as please
And we never get in a flurry
We just love the summer breeze..

Now we count our blessings
There are far too many to say
And there are so many reasons
To enjoy this summers day.

Written by Christopher Russon on 22/06/19

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