Those days of rock and roll..

No more rock around the clock
We achieved and reached our goals
We were even there on top of the pops
A million records we sold.
Now that was many years ago
We had our fare share of hits
Still we do the acasional show
We are comfortable but not very rich.
The music world it's in our blood
There is only one life we know
We,d do something else if only we could
But there's nowhere else to go.
Like many bands we have had our day
We don't try too compete with the rest
The acasional gig we sometimes play
But we admit we have past our best.
So now that we're getting older
Far away from living that dream
For with age we all got wiser
And nothings as good as it seems.
Once we had our head in the clouds
Far from the earth down below
Singing and playing to all the crowds
In those days of rock and roll.

Written by Christopher Russon on 06/07/19

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