Love in today's society

For some reason
Love came to me
Engulfing my entire being
As my logic was fleeing
I carried on feeling
The intense euthoric yierning to taste
For just a momentary embrace

To be laced with love for just a day
Is to be blessed with eternal glory
In this modern day story
For it is rare in a society this bleek
Where love island is the peek of society's portrayal of love
Featuring manipulation and betrayal
Where people don't understand the difference between lust and love
Where infatuation goes and fucks a nation
Where the girls look good on instagram and the boys play games with them as if they were a playstation

What ever happened to babe station?
Porn hub took over the glory
Promoting sex
Men love it yet refer to girls as whore
When they still demand more sex
For their little cocks
I swear they have lego bricks for brains
It's strange, almost deranged, insane
How love is, in today's society
And for some reason I'm writing this poem to say I love you.

Written by Caitlin James on 15/07/19
© 2019 cj

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