Broken bonds and family ties

Broken bonds and family ties
Spread dis ease like
little white lies
Sheltered masses
in Earth School classes
Putting on their glasses
Walk with me
and you will see
We are all free
without a plea
Broken bonds and family ties
We are floating out to sea
Climb my tree
as you flee
Climb my branches to the top
If it rains or snows...
Don’t let go and drop
Family bonds and broken ties
Unspoken words give
way to rise
Setting a way to build the tribe
Come on in and hold my hand
My land is your land
Put your feet in the sand
and take your stand
Broken bonds and family ties
No surprise
We are so wise
and in the silence hear
the cries
that money buys
So go and put on your disguise
While time stands still
but feels like it flies
Family bonds and family ties
Raise our tribe
and don’t ever stop

Written by Kristen Davis on 01/08/19
© 8/1/2019

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time, Earth, words, Family

Janet Vignola 02/08/19


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