An Icecube

An Icecube

Moulded out of an element
through a chilling process
it dissolves
gets melted down
is gradually submerged
and annihilated
and assimilated
wholly, fully,
in a goblet of wine
to make the pick-me-up
more tasteful
more wholesome
more of a worthwhile
like a saint
making the world
a better place
after having endured
the tortuous self-disciplining process
and hardened himself
coolly, calmly dissolves into
the wine of life—
becoming invisible
yet omnipresent,
one with elements
flowing eternally with
Saintly icecube!
I dare not aspire to be
your frighteningly
unidentified self,
would rather be
in the labyrinth
of self-assertions
to have some minutes
of unmitigated fame
like the models walking on the ramp
under the flickering light
of a kaleidoscopic lamp.
I dare not be
so gentle
cool, unassuming
for it gives me
a sinking feeling
of a stone getting immersed
in a pool.

Published in 'The Asian Age', New Delhi, 2000

Written by Kumar Vikram on 19/09/19
© 2000 Kumar Vikram

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Saintly Icecube

Adhar Sinha 19/09/19


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