The Magic of the Woods

When the magic stirs in the deep of the wood,
I know my mind is not there.
It’s gone back to a time when my heart was on fire,
Where all possibilities fare.

When dreams were as keen as the promise of day,
And all that I wanted could be.
When my eyes were alight with the blaze from within,
And all my desires were free.

And now they are dulled with the weight of the day,
And the cynical knowledge of truth,
And the dreams that once flew are tucked up asleep,
With the fading memory of youth.

But back in the wood my soul is ablaze,
And hope once again is alight,
I can feel all my dreams in the whisper of leaves,
With a desperate want to take flight.

The magic it stirs and conjures it’s spell,
And rouses my heart with glee,
And all that I am and was to become,
Completely ceases to be.

Written by A V Ward on 19/09/19

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Nature, forest, magic, hope

Christopher Russon 17/11/19
Kristen Davis 06/10/19
Bobby Fairfield 27/09/19


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