Nobel Prize - Fuck You!


You bright Nordics
cool as fjord
give a Nobel Prize
and for me, the little one
Albanian writer.

Not that I'm more precious
than others
above the earth and
under the sky
but I need that

So, he said,
"I need that!".

Half the money,
be safe,
I'll give it to the orphanage
because even so
I grew up.

In this small country
that has more sun
that all over Europe.

We are a country like
with Mediterranean passion
hot in drinks
and love
grown on rocks
towards the sea.

We remain poor
through the centuries
since when
Our great George
resisted the hordes
of the East
protecting you

But when we were conquered
nobody helped us
to save us.

To us the writings
it's pain

The pen bleeds
and tears
on these lands.

We are like butterflies
at dusk
going straight
to candle of light.

Many of us
for this sin
were shot
they were burned.

Is there any state
among you the Nordics
where for a poem

You bright mind
of the Swedish Academy
you weigh the worlds
give it to me too
a little Albanian
a Nobel!

I promise you
half the money
I'll give it to the orphanage
that we are poor.

Lots of hungry mouths
in this country and this
that was born
Mother Teresa
and never lacked it

And the other half
do you mean
what to do
the other half?

I have two words for you all
academics and professors
maybe not so elegant
how racist - noble
Peter Handke
friend of the butcher
of the Balkans - Milosevic
the murderer of my people.

I promise you anyway
the other half of the money
I need to spend them eating.

I'm going to eat and do shit
and I'll give it
to eat
Nobel laureate
Peter Handke.

Give that Prize
and me, the Albanian
so little writer
500 years victim of tyranny.

If you don't give it to me too
receive this great greeting
from me, little Albanian writer:
Nobel Prize - Fuck You!

Written by Kolec Traboini on 13/10/19
© K. P. Traboini 2019

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