It was Hecuba's fault


The gods could not defend Troy
that the Greeks were cunning,
deceived the deities
who lit marijuana or slept.

But there are people who find
causes elsewhere
to Hecuba, daughter of Cesius,
wife of Priam who was born full
of 19 children - including Paris.

They say Paris was the cause
that went grabbed the beautiful
Helena and
if Paris had not been born
the abduction would not have

They all tell it with
conjecture - fairy tales
but Troy is still burned.

Legends remained ruined
when my day was proclaimed
in the world
So, I have an Iliad
and I have a Troy - my home
which turned into ruins.

For all these things that happened
in my life - it's Hecuba's fault
and by Hecuba, I mean my Mother.

Because if there weren't many children
I would be alone
we would not split the bread morsel
in seven open mouths in childhood
and a little sister would not have died.

If Paris had not been born
if I hadn't been born too
things would be different
I would not experience
this tribulation calvary
where life draws me to hell.

Hecuba is to blame
Hecuba and my Mother.


Written by Kolec Traboini on 16/10/19
© Traboini 2019

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