To julie Ann

I look back upon the days when you were my whirlwind girlfriend;
The love, the lust, the thrilling power, I know why it had to end.
Surely such sharp beauty is seen by every man,
They all love and/or want you, that you left me I understand, Julie Ann,
Into that fast paced crowd of money, jewels, cars, parties and fame.
For your glamour you are welcome and on that plane you've made your name.
Who am I? but daily labor, just a friend you used to know.
But I see risk in what you're doing. Is there love beneath their show?
Let's say you're safe. Let's say I'm wrong.
Let's both forget that long gone song.
But should you feel "Like a Rolling Stone"
Remember me and telephone.
To hear your voice my voice would crack
For in my heart I want you back.
Through all the pain you've put me through
I am still a man in love with you.

Written by Edward McCloud on 20/10/19
© Edward McCloud

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Love, relationships, a yearning

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