Absurd poetry


All these poetic rags around
they tired me, they tired me
stanza, rims, metrics.

Comparisons, metaphors, synecdoche’s
remove the interjection! Go on all!

I no longer liked the points or the commas
neither the quotation marks nor the exclamation marks
like Bin Laden's beard.

I hate them all tonight!
In the devil rules
tiling and pergolas
clouds of snow
rain and river…
and dough.

You remove the rivers
lakes and boats

Turn the pools into logs.
In the devil!

Turn the mills into government headquarters
if you want and the presidency.
According to state law no. 7501
my father's land never returned to me
and I have no more wealth
except the hanging testicles
like wild pears…

(Maybe you are looking for these too,
alas, government man ?!)

Remove the circulars
remove the laws
Civil Code
remove the borders
all buildings
that stifled my poetry.

Remove my car from the parking lot.
Take my phone, water, gas, lights off.

Turn off the TV, the computer
The internet sinks into the dark…

Remove the curtains
remove all furniture
knock down house beams
tear down the roof
do not leave windows and doors!

Remove the lanterns at crossroads
(policemen tired me with fines).

Do not dispose of gasoline in cars
exclude pedophiles from associations
remove if you want imams and priests.

Christ, Mohamed and Buddha
celebrate them as brothers in a day.

Remove the rings
neck hinges
remove coats
and shoes
remove plastic sexes
and definitely
and by all means
hermetic metaphors are removed

O my Lord, how beautiful
this poetic world

Hey, you my girlfriend
locked in a isolation tower;
take off your (poetic) panties too.

I'll put them in the flagpole,
in the sky I will wave them
and on them I will write:
"Made in Love"!

I will declare a sex flag for all
nations and nationalities,
that we are all slaves to orgasm
and I, in this absurd poem
or God who condemns the world of vice
or the devil who ignites lust
or maybe crazy: Sex-Man!

From the book “Nocturne”
Boston 2004

Written by Kolec Traboini on 21/10/19
© Traboini 2019

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