Who Are These People

A Speaker is Supposed to be impartial . These people come out of the woodwork cause disruption who are they . How are they allowed to show Disrespect and stop our Democratic Votes . How do they Know or care what harm they are doing . Money talks and hatred lasts . The law of this land has to be Abided bye . So many Traitors are always trying to change things . People with no wealth are thought to be beneath those with wealth . And those who flaunt their wealth . Think all workers owe them something . We don’t owe them our votes or our lives . They have taken our trust away . We don’t owe them our loyalty .The whole Country voted . And Democracy won the Vote . Abide by this Law . And Stop trying to defend Being Traitors . I never thought I would live to see the day . To see so much hate and people goaded to Betray . Our democratic vote won and challenged by people we put our trust in . They are not worthy and not to be trusted .

Written by Wendy Higson on 21/10/19

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