Lady Light

You're a Lily of the Valley,
glistening in the morning dew,
a bright star in a winter sky,
a fire hidden in the shadows,
where I search for you,
trekking through the
nightscape dreams,
hungering for just a ray,
a sign of where you may be,
a mile marker on the road
to take me home to you.

Sometimes the dreams are heavy,
a burden the soul can't move.
And when I can't walk in
shadows any more,
I lay down in the rich
and darkly scented forest, as
the leaves rustle in the wind,
blowing across my face
like caressing fingers, while I
drift away in silence.

But when I open my eyes, I see
the dawn of your coming, walking out
of the door of dreams, a shining star,
a Lily of the Valley, shimmering
in the morning sun.

Then, as suddenly, you turn your
shining face, gather up your skirts,
and begin moving again through
this endless night, touching my
heart with your words, a touch
to my face as you pass.

I rise, renewed, to follow after,
seeking the traces of your
fair illumination...your touch,
your fiery eyes, your song
echoing through the dark,
because you are a Lily of
the Valley glistening in the
morning dew, a fire hidden
in the shadows, a bright star
in a midwinter sky.

Written by Ric Ohge on 13/07/13

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Lady Light, dreams, night, Lily of the Valley, leaves, forest, R Andrew Ohge, Dr Rex Dexter

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