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Stop being so clever, you're turning me on,
and your ideas, to me, are like neon
promotional signs advertising sleeze
in red-light districts or a mind striptease
of conceptual orgasmic extremes.
Should I engage? Reciprocate in kind?
Extend your theory with ideas of mine?
Xenogamous bisociation of memes:
utterance sexier when you know what it means.
And by the blaze in your eyes I find
like-minded desire for stimulation,
in thrills of thought-experimentation
that sends synapses reeling in delight.
"Yes yes", you cry as my insights excite.

Written by Mark Postgate on 06/09/13

Author's Comments

Sapiosexuality is a neologism that was coined in 1993 (as far as we can tell) that refers to people who are aroused by and attracted to intelligence over or rather than physical attributes. It's usage is still controversial. For people who are sapiosexual though, the word is a useful statement of sexual identity, particularly in a world that normalises visual stimuli over mental stimuli (myself, before discovery of this word, I used to always say "I'm more interested in software than hardware"). This poem was written in order to popularise the usage of the word and to lend credence to the acknowledgement of its reality as a thing.

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Sapiosexuality, Erotic, Intelligence, Sex, Mind

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