Night Life

Skies of blue and clouds of white slowly gave way to the night. The orange burn of the setting sun soon disappeared and the day was gone. The darkness came, and the stars emerged, and with the moonlight their brightness converged, forming a glow that illuminated space, a vast, enormous, radiant place.

The creatures of the night awoke; dragonflies buzzed and frogs did croak. They danced and lived under the moon, as round and silver as a spoon. They set about their nightly lives, hunting food, or finding wives, or finding territory to roam, or building nests to call their homes. Some lived on water, some in trees, and some in the air gliding in the breeze. Some were fat and some were small, some were thin, and some were tall. The range of creatures was simply vast, all going about their nightly tasks.

And in the houses clocks struck eleven. Some got dressed, some prayed to heaven. Some made cocoa, some made tea, and some read books and then did their teeth. Some people yawned, got in to their beds, and tried to empty their thought filled heads. Some drifted off into a land of dreams, where some were nice, but some would scream, awaking at their frightful mares before realising that their ghouls weren't there.

But in the city the night shifts began. Secretaries typed, people loaded their vans, and set out on to the quiet streets while enjoying radio's graveyard beats. Some were nurses, and some physicians, and some were sick with rare conditions. Some stacked shelves, and some wrote journals, some felt sleepy, and some nocturnal.

And as the night turned into morning and the rising sun was dawning, the twinkling stars flickered goodbye and the moon disappeared away from the sky. The night-time creatures found their way to their beds, and in human houses people lifted their heads, and went down their stairs and filled up with toast, before leaving for work and reading their post. And the night time workers returned from their shifts, and climbed up their stairs (some used their lifts), and climbed into bed to sleep through the day to dream and slumber their weariness away.

Written by Jack Green on 21/03/13

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Frank Byrne/ Hornby.... 23/09/17
Christopher Russon A lovely poetic night cap.Well written. 20/08/16
John Sullivan Really Good, took me there 18/08/16
Danial Lynch :) 25/03/16
Eileen Morrison Once I'd got used to the lines all running together, instead of being separated, I loved it 01/01/16
Godfrey Angua-mante wow, amazing. 09/04/15
Bobby Fairfield A dreamy read 31/03/15
Chris Black Well worth 5* Jack Green - really liked the inventiveness. 30/03/15
J.J Alleson 21/04/13


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