lonely cloud(dark cloud)

Lonely and sober on the day Of my felicity;
I cant reach an equilibrium
Suspended above a silent city, Oh what an ironic day
No one to call mine,sitting here,perusing life,who shall lift up a broken soul?
Mend the part with the whole
I stay on the edge of the abyss,The void looking at me in the eye
I long for a better place
But the better place looks the same.
My soul ripples like droplets
From a goddess's nipple
Dismay piercing through
Like a tormentor's needle.

Written by oluwaseyi akinkuolie on 23/10/13
© 2013 Akinkuolie Oluwaseyi

Author's Comments

i am a burden writter but i write poems based on fantasy sometimes.i wrote this poem on my birthday (july 30 2013).i was alone,i had no close friends so i was totally alone.only one of my sisters congratulated me for my birthday..i was thinking about my family and my future,it was a burden i have to put down in poetry.please tell me if you like it and also tell me where i should improve.my email is seyiakin47@gmail.com.. thanks

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felicity, loneliness, needle, Dismay, soul, life

Annie Lander 23/10/13
Christine Holden I like the title...it sets the tone.
'My soul ripples like droplets..' is a great line.
Anita Surname Very emotional!!! Like it! 23/10/13


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