For a Special Soul

Something I do not understand, our soul connections,
I have lived my life like every other person; a naive angel.

Caught in a special existence; something I can’t make out,
a deep essence; searching reasons for our soul connections.

Life connects and realigns, attracting significant souls to me,
yet my life situation will never allow for our soul connections.

Why is it when I see you I sense a power of aged affection?
Time after time we meet not knowing our soul connections.

That instance, the moment we met, our eyes knew something,
tried to analyse and unlock the codes to our soul connections.

I am drawn to you; as though I am already yours somehow,
in a strange but mutual way, we feel our soul connections.

Slowly as time passes, I begin to recognise a familiar link,
enclosed eternal friendship, it’s all in our soul connections.

Written by Kuli Kohli on 03/11/13

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Soul, connections

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