Classical Music

I love classical music.
For the intricate design is so fascinating.
Every instrument making a different tone.
The quality is high
As high as a queen.

For I close my eyes and believe.
Make up my own story for no lyrics are destined.
And I believe the stories are real for they have potential and meaning.
Music is the soul of this world.
Classical the most beautiful
For it is intense and the music is refined and refreshing.

Written by Just A Girl on 16/12/13
© 2013 Beth-Ann Whitehead

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I ovbiously love classical music.

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real, classical, music, stories, beautiful, soul, refined, intense, world, believe, quality, high, queen

Steve Green A very fine expression and description of your love..This poem does classical music justice 16/12/13
Christine Holden Yes music is the soul of this world...and if you haven't got music in your soul.... 16/12/13


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