You Will Know (If you ever read this, you will know it is about you)

You are my friend,
yet I cannot be a friend to you.
You have passed through
to a place where the friend you seek
is always
the bottom
This friend is not gentle, though comforting,
and strong enough to cradle you-to your grave.

Your eyes reply,

I need no friends,
I stand alone for I am strong.
And though not wrong
your sad- eyed, soft-spoken reason
is a
knife thrust
This reason, though gentle, is ravaging,
yet weak enough to submerge- in one more drink.

Written by Aileen Shirra on 10/05/14

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friends, alcohol, sad, addiction


Highly Commended: Dilemma

Christopher Russon This poem is a tonic of the welcoming kind for me
And other folk.Very well written.
sailen sadhu I admire the presentation , specially when the poem addresses to a an unknown friend. 02/06/14
Thomas Frail You have captured the angst of being unable to help someone who has closed themselves down and refuse help as they are incapable of seeing the storm they are in just so well. 02/06/14
Gerry Joe Beautifully written and emotional 20/05/14
The Bogfather Wonderfully evocative and poignant 16/05/14


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