To dilemma or not to dilemma

To be or not to be?
That is the question,
Or to ride in the rain?
Puzzled the aspiring equestrian.

To have or not to have?
A shopper’s battle,
"£50? But they’re perfect?"
Runs the internal prattle.

To do or not to do?
The bungee jumper trembles
As she leans over the edge
And imagines body parts disassemble.

To give or not to give?
He grips the Valentine’s card.
Should I lay my feelings bare
Or keep up my guard?

To laugh or not to laugh?
As the girl trips over her own shoe
And attempts to play it cool,
Hoping only she knew.

To confront or not to confront?
Seeing the wrapper tossed to the floor,
Or to pop it in his hoody
To carry round a little more?

To go or not to go?
Staring at the holiday deal.
Luxury or necessity
To abscond the working wheel?

To eat or not to eat?
As the cake oozes its temptation
And she stands transfixed
At Patisserie station.

To dilemma or not to dilemma?
My left side asks my right,
As my lower half rests in peace
And my top half starts to fight.

Written by Jackie Knowles on 17/05/14
© All my poetry is copyrighted. Jackie Knowles 2014

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Entered: Dilemma

Caitlin James 16/01/19
Khalil Dwyer 13/03/18
Christopher Russon 03/10/17
Chris Wild 22/09/16
John Sullivan I like it written, in the style I try to write loved it 18/08/16
Godfrey Angua-mante beautiful, loved it. 31/05/14
Jennifer Melbourne I agree with Steve, very clever 28/05/14
Lynda Lofthouse Brilliant, I agree with Steve, a great piece for the competition. Cleverly written, I can picture each dilemma x 24/05/14
Steve Green Very very clever and a perfect illustration of the dilemma topic 23/05/14
Jo Merritt I love the rhyming you use in this poem. :-) 22/05/14


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