Meet me at St Pancras

meet me at st prancras she said;

hair whipping as she turns just as he running, stops.

bag thuds down as she leaps


eyelids shut

lives, stories and colours ram into one spectacular collision as the world around them blurs.

meet me at st pancras she said

his eyes like orbs drink her in

their lips, so soft, cling for those precious few minutes.


desperate lovers hiding from the world,

begging for that safe haven -

of her.

meet me at st pancras she said

a few more minutes

he pleads

her curls shake as her turns away.


pauses, her heart splintering like glass on the cold stone floor.

"I can't........................."

meet me at st pancras she said

the words join their ancestors of the past

the only constant for these intwined hearts

that beat like drums in unison

as their fingers stretch out for




The train's whistle blows.
Tears fall like rain.
Anger at her parents stabs at her soul
as she whispers

meet me at st pancras.

Written by Zayani Bhatt on 29/07/14
© 2014 Zayani Bhatt

Author's Comments

St Pancras is a train station in central London.

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romantic, angst, love, pain, heartbreak

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