oluwaseyi akinkuolie

i am a 19 years old African,i am a student. i love poetry and i appreciate constructive critisicm..i am currently working on a manuscript for a novel..i hope to be a renowned writter,poet and playwright someday.

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I'll rather not be a hero
01/01/15 172
heart, fusion, confusion, battle, etc
22/05/14 536
The Savannah Called Poem Pigeon.
love, Earth, sky, dark, happy, birds, Mother, pigeon, beauty
11/03/14 221
a gentle breeze
etc, Family, renew, strength
07/02/14 369
I used to love you delilah
Alone, owl, suggest a tag
01/12/13 403
inferno(burning desires)
inferno, desires, shoal, free
26/10/13 595
The earth speaks(AYÉ the earth mother)
earth, divine, tinder, riches, nature
26/10/13 633
teach me to write haiku
teach me
26/10/13 305
a poem i love
diamonds, lover, romantic, love
26/10/13 407
The poet(an enigma)
existence, reverbrating, passion
24/10/13 560
lonely cloud(dark cloud)
felicity, loneliness, needle, Dismay, soul, life
23/10/13 634