Bridget Sebastian

Performance poet and artist.. At the Edinburgh Festival with the Wooden Lambs Poetry Group and in London gigs on the bill with Jon Cooper Clarke, Lyndon Quasi Johnston, and Carol Ann Duffy. Produced and directed Late Night Bitching for Women's Radio and presented Drive Time for Carnival Radio. Worked in publishing as an editor. I also ran a a restaurant page for a local newspaper.

Poems by this authorDateViews
Poem for an unloved child (on the demise of Victoria Climbie
unloved unwanted child alone
28/01/19 33
Be A Man
War youth teenage manhood
12/10/18 46
The Traveller
Travel, Homesick, Reminders, Cities, Memories
16/09/18 15
The Bus to Tetuan
Travel, Berber, Djinn, Riff Mountains, Allah
13/07/18 54
Loss, country side, family
07/07/18 87
Ode Against Freud
Freud, dreams, penis envy
03/07/18 52
Double Life
Cheating, adultery, lovers
23/06/18 51
His Country
Countryside, dogs, alone, memory
21/06/18 55
Funny, vulgar, street
20/06/18 49
The Vultures
Death, money, undertakers, vultures
31/05/18 54
Flowers for Anna
Wedding, death, child, marriage
30/05/18 35
You Spoon Your Soup
Soup, calculation small dog
29/05/18 39
relationships, parting
29/05/18 40
Mosquito Bite
Bangkok, Thailand, troubles, dreams, money
29/05/18 33
Cadaques. (pronounced cad a Kays)
Fire, snakes, summer, gypsies Salvador Dali
26/05/18 132
The Good Ship Evoie (pronounced E vow e)
Sailing sunshine, Captain Bird's Eye, crew
25/05/18 14
A Drunken Dinner at Bechym Manor
Age, power, speeches, time, decay
25/05/18 38
The Other Friend
friendship, love
23/05/18 47
Poem for an unborn child
Unborn baby light love
22/05/18 22
The Celestial Guardian
Anger, silence, sea, strange, celestial
22/05/18 26


    21st May 2018