David P Carroll

I'm an Irish Poet who has written over 800 Poems all online and one poem was written and published in the New York times before it was signed printed out and framed and hanging up in my house now I've got invitations to world poetry parties around the world I've met famous people and a poem I wrote was signed by the president of Ireland who loved it and would be happy to have me join him and his wife and the president's house in Dublin Ireland.

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I'm In Love
30/04/19 29
David P Carroll
19/04/19 29
Be My Valentine Love
love, life, heart, Light, joy
06/02/19 36
She's Truly Beauitful
06/02/19 30
I've Found My True Love
love, life, heart, words
02/01/19 31
Our True Love Shall Never Be Apart
03/12/18 44


    15th August 2018