Lucy Olivia

24 years old.
From the South coast of England, West sussex.
Solo travelling the world, currently living in Australia!
Like most people we all have things to get off our chest, we all have different ways and methods to do this.
I have always enjoyed creative writing whether that be poems, stories, blogs or even songs. Here I am able to express myself in a more creative way.
I am a huge animal lover with passions following wildlife conservation. I enjoy live music and will happily sit wasting time with my guitar writing songs for fun. I love to travel and have experienced working, living and travelling abroad in over 17 different countries in the past 4 years.
My riches come from my life experiences, family and friends that have shown me endless love and support.
My ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle for myself thats allows me to travel whilst earning, in a business that supports communities and using only eco friendly and organic products.
Though written words can sometimes get a little dark, happiness is always my priority.
Smile everyday, life is what you make of it.

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Something's Changing
Change, help, give, charity, travel, educate, business, one world, one love, growing, passion, help others
06/01/19 32
Discover Adventure
Discover, adventure, explore, nature, mother nature, beauty, water, rainforest, remote, scenic, views, wildlife
06/12/18 44
Who Am I
True, honesty, pressure, society, love, discover, self love, lost, lust, exceptance
14/11/18 38
The Chase
Sex, cold, game, flirting, attraction, one night stands, lust
14/11/18 51
Mr Blue
Love, fantasys, dreaming, sadness, mystery
14/11/18 30
A Mother Like You
Mother, daughter, unconditional, love, family, bond, friendship, thank you, appreciation, special
14/11/18 25
Love Freely
Love, free, beautiful, people, friends, family, life, destiny
14/11/18 40
For A Short Time In Time
love, life, time, happy, moment in time, company, smile, goodbye, friendship
14/11/18 34
See Me
love, sex, society, meaningful, beauty
14/11/18 75


    14th November 2018



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