Frances Faith

fiddling with words had become a habit
before I knew it my mind was a rabbit
reproducing those rhyming lines
because my heart for beauty pines
I'm tapping the keys till the night grows old
spinning ideas that are foolish or bold
it matters not because you see
I'm under the spell of poesie...

~Frances is currently conducting her magnificent life on the western shores of Terra Australis~

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The Duties of Birds
dawn, birds, nature
12/12/16 74
Australian sentence, occupation, relationship, knowledge, quest, poetry as a sentence
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accounting for love
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Awakening Us
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My Valentine.. every shade but gray.
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Tangible Would That You Were
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21/07/14 733
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27/05/14 649
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10/05/14 421
Perfect Flower
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12/04/14 710
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12/04/14 669
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15/02/14 566
The Desperation of Them
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25/11/13 406
Things Burn
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25/11/13 585
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03/10/13 585
Falling Again
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16/09/13 831
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17/08/13 737
Chiseled Feathers
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17/08/13 369
Catch me in the morning..
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17/08/13 386
Mr Hardy In the Mist
Thomas Hardy, mist, competition, connection, understanding, love, perspective, longing, writers, thoughts, expression
04/06/13 1186
POETRY! ..yes it is
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01/04/13 961