Kolec Traboini


Kolec Traboini, Albanian - American poet and writer, a journalist by profession, originates from a patriotic family Goj├žaj of Traboini of Hoti. His father, Palok Traboini, was a teacher, a publicist, insurgent and secretary to Dede Gjon Luli, Albania National Independence Hero . Kolec Traboini, after completing his university studies in 1975, worked at the Cinema Center of Albania. On 10 January 1991 he organized an anti-communist rally in front of the Tirana National Stadium in support of democratic processes. On January 16, 1991, he published in Newspaper RD No. 3, a writing where he demanded the removal of the Communist star from the National Flag. He emigrated to Greece where on April 10, 1993, he founded the Albanian Newspaper "Egnatia". In 1995 he emigrated to the United States, and lived in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC. Author of dozens of documentary films, 34 books, poetry, prose and journalism. Traboini has won several national awards for books and documentary films.
By decree of the President of the Republic of Albania, no. 10653, dated 15.11. 2017, Kolec Traboini awarded the title "Grand Master".

The poet K .P. Traboini has published a new book with poetry "Opheli" 2019. Also an Anthology of poets from all over the world translated into Albanian "World Poetica" 2019.

Poems by this authorDateViews
Arlington birds
life, sun, sky, people, work, birds
12/11/19 4
I live the rain drama
sun, rain, happy
11/11/19 1
We got out of ourselves and left
time, pain, people, winter, morning, birds
09/11/19 4
Who in the hell was Charles Bukowski
love, time, Day, night, nature, Moon, war, music, parents
09/11/19 1
My garden loves
love, autumn, Summer, fall, leaves, happy, flowers
09/11/19 1
Fire & Ice
love, fire
09/11/19 0
time, Day, Light, night, Summer, fall, fire, age
09/11/19 1
Like a bird every spring
love, life, heart, alone, winter, Spring
09/11/19 1
Love burned Troy
love, war
09/11/19 1
She didn't kiss me when I left
night, sky, rain
09/11/19 1
Tirana is far from Washington
time, Day, dream
09/11/19 3
My hat in Washington
Day, thoughts
09/11/19 1
I' m the Theater!
love, Hope, people, winter, dream, Summer, sleep, fire
09/11/19 1
music, loneliness
09/11/19 1
Your hair
sun, sky, Wind, rain
09/11/19 1
Look for your star in the sky
life, night, Earth, Death, sky, lost, alone, fear, winter, Summer, fall, thoughts, darkness, Peace
09/11/19 2
Carnation and Hydrangea
time, heart, people, home, Wind, Spring, mother, joy, birds, Flight, flowers
02/11/19 5
Men and women
autumn, Wind, winter, leaves, loneliness
02/11/19 1
Where is our childhood?
night, lost, dream, birds, Childhood
29/10/19 6
The Lilac of your home
Day, night, Hope, home, sadness, Childhood
29/10/19 8