Joe Bisicchia

Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, his works have appeared in various publications. His website is


Joe Bisicchia’s works have or will soon appear in:

Aji Magazine, Junto Magazine, Mannequin Haus, Glass: Facets of Poetry, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Anti-Heroin Chic, Punch Drunk Press, Edify, Fourth & Sycamore, Philadelphia Stories, Muse-Pie Press, unFold, Coldnoon, Qua Magazine, The Tipton Poetry Journal, Torrid Literature Journal, Diversion Press, The Wax Paper, The Path, The Poet’s Haven, Sheepshead Review, Verse-Virtual, Balloons Lit. Journal, Kitty Litter Press, The Inflectionist Review, Black Heart Magazine, Dark Matter Journal, Poets Collectives Anthologies, Poetic Matrix Press and others.

Poems by this authorDateViews
Sighting in the Park
sky, people, flowers
31/03/19 122
Hope, words, Dreams, people, flowers
31/03/19 144
Drips It Down
Passion of Christ, my first published poem
22/03/19 94
I’m Daniel Boone’s Pet Raccoon
sad, duped, tricked, used, deceived
22/03/19 133
Ho' oponopono
Forgiveness, Hawaii, Healing
19/03/19 88
Sorrow of the Alone
sun, fall, rain
16/03/19 165
Name in Sidewalk
life, heart, God, dream, children, birds
01/01/19 122
See Beyond the Missing Leaves
words, Spring, leaves, morning, Loss, birds
23/09/18 94
Love is Patient, Love is Kind
11/09/18 219
singing to the stars
night, sky, dark
09/09/18 253
Summer, children, happy, city
09/09/18 183
love, lost
09/09/18 173
Merry Christmas!
Summer, joy
22/07/18 132
Here to Horizon
time, Dreams, dream, morning, Mist
11/07/18 128
At the Same Red Light
11/07/18 83
Regarding the Travails of Travel
heart, Hope, rain
11/07/18 107
what happens
11/07/18 98
11/07/18 145
Poor Historian
time, fall, children
10/07/18 225
statue of poseidon
alone, God, dream
10/07/18 216


    27th May 2013


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