political poems

'political' poemsDateViews
Boris's Confession by James Spencer 29/09/19 7
Ode to Jenny McCarthy by James Spencer 29/09/19 9
No More Remoaning. by James Spencer 29/09/19 40
Under the Dome by Dov Citron 23/03/18 46
What if They already came? by Dov Citron 22/11/17 335
The systems broken.... by Stacey Tapsell 14/10/16 154
Jack & Will.... by Damian Murphy 14/03/16 235
The Small Political Party before an Election by Eileen Morrison 17/01/16 102
A Forgotten American Truth by Jon Von Erb 17/12/15 162
Dysfunctional Santas by Jon Von Erb 16/12/15 145
If We Look by Jon Von Erb 16/12/15 141
As Blue as a Smurf and I aint Belgian by Steve Valentino 12/05/15 336
St.Andrew's Day by Peter Dorr 30/11/14 252
Rally Call Part II by Steve Valentino 23/11/14 349
Could do better verse by Emma Clark 21/08/14 545
Lady Congo by Ruth Giles 04/04/14 287
Sometimes I wonder through a mindless meander to create my fate by picking imaginary opportunity from my monetary Bon... by James-John Bryant 04/11/13 266
Our Situation (from the perspective of someone born in the 80's) by Mr Woods 01/09/13 295